New function of the PRO via e-PIT for "MojDDV": Citizens will be able to check the payment of refunds

Photo: MIA

The Public Revenue Office (PRO) on the electronic platform e-PIT has installed a new functionality for the citizens who scan fiscal accounts through the application My VAT, informs the PRO.

They explain that every citizen, by announcing on his e-PDD profile, has the opportunity in the new window "MY VAT - How far is the refund payment" to inspect the situation for payment of funds on the basis of "MojDV".

- Through this new functionality, the citizen can be informed about whether part of the VAT has been refunded for the respective quarter, ie when the payment was made, whether the transaction account was entered incorrectly (the entered account is not his / her / a payment card number was entered ), how to correct the incorrectly entered transaction account to make the payment, stated by the PRO.

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