New novel: "Miracle around the corner" by Vlado Janevski has been published

The novel "Miracle behind the corner" by Vlado Janevski, published by "Magor" / "Pagoma Press", Skopje, has been published these days. Vlado Janevski lives and works in Sydney, this is his third novel, he has published a collection of short stories, and he has been featured in several poetry anthologies in Australia.

"Miracle around the corner" is an unusual novel about a world in which there is no division of people and animals. There are only creatures that fight for their survival and they are all in their own way and beautiful and smart. The novel is the story of such a creature who is suddenly removed from the warmth of home, who has spent a good part of his life walking on all fours, until at some point he experiences a transformation and stands on two, and then moves to a different world.

Then begins the real adventure, like a fast ride on a phantasmagoric toboggan, which sinks into the universal values ​​of authenticity, loyalty and friendship. That adventure is as real as the dreams of the long journey to the lost home. As the protagonist's journey unfolds, it is confirmed that, although modern science allows us to look farther, deeper, to see the atom and everything in it that until some time ago seemed invisible, still can not see (before) what is around the corner.

The reader follows the thoughts, imbued with a dose of humor, about the secrets of what surrounds the characters in the novel as they try to cope and survive what the unpredictable life serves them. One of those secrets is the intertwining of the wills of the God of men and the God of animals. The latter embodies the natural adaptability with which animals manage to survive outside the radar of the God of man.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 46, in the print edition of "Free Press" on August 28-30, 2020)

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