New partner: Topics to discuss before first intercourse

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Trust is the most important factor in any intimate relationship, and it can be strengthened through conversation. Here are some topics to discuss before having sex with your new partner for the first time.

Your attitude about sex

What is your view on sex and how do you feel about your new partner? Is it a normal thing in a relationship, a way to get a new sexual experience - there are many options. The most important thing is that your views about sex coincide with the views of your partner. If he wants sex for one night and you expect more, it is normal that things will not go in a good direction. Therefore, discuss everything openly.

Sexual health

There is nothing strange about talking about your sexual health. Sometimes the symptoms of an STD can be invisible and everything seems to be fine. If your relationship becomes serious, go with your partner for an examination and together do all the necessary tests. This way you will get rid of the worry that you can get a venereal disease. If it turns out that one of you has an illness, that's no reason to put your sex life on hold, there are many other intimate ways you can enjoy it.


Condoms are a great choice for you as long as you or your partner are not allergic to latex. Discuss in advance the ways you want to protect yourself from pregnancy and communicable diseases. Think about all possible options and decide on the one that suits you best.

Psychological trauma

If you've ever had a negative sexual experience, repeating it can affect your mental health. That's why you have to talk to your partner about this topic. You don't have to go into detail, but it would be good to inform him to avoid unwanted injuries. Revealing some of the more difficult moments of your life will also strengthen your relationship.


Do you have any "no go" zones and poses? Don't be afraid of ruining your sex life if you reveal these things to your partner. Talk openly about your likes and dislikes. Chances are high that after this conversation, your sex will become perfect.

Sexual preferences

Although many consider this conversation unromantic, learn about your erogenous zones and sexual fantasies as soon as possible

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