"Night Wolves" raise a monument to Slobodan Milosevic in Moscow, in the hand of the sculpture there is a strange object

Photo: Tsargrad.tv

In about a month, in the middle of June, in the center of Moscow, on the "European Square", the unveiling of a monument to the former Serbian president is announced Slobodan Milosevic, who died in 2006 in The Hague, where he was being tried for war crimes.

This in interview for the high-circulation Russian tabloid "Moskovsky Komsomolets" the professor of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research Institute of the University of Moscow said at the beginning of this month, Marat Bashirov, and the initiator of the erection of the monument is the leader of the motorcycle club "Night Wolves" and an ardent supporter of Vladimir Putin, Alexander Zaldostanov. The Russian president is an honorary member of the pro-regime biker club, which supports aggression against Ukraine and advocates for the realization of the ideas of the "Russian world", and "Wolves" are a constant "decor" at Putin's propaganda gatherings.

The initiator of the installation of the monument, the first man of the "Night Wolves", Zaldostanov / Photo: zampolit.com

- If you look at our relations with European countries, we can say that Serbia, due to historical reasons, remained perhaps our only obvious ally and partner. Although the country, of course, is "suffocating", forced to introduce some restrictions against Russia. The second country is Hungary, which is close to us due to economic ties, says political scientist Bashirov.

The sculpture has already been cast in bronze in Serbia. It is two meters high (although Serbian portals call for a "three-meter monument"), and it is the work of the Belgrade academic sculptor. Dragan Radenovic. The initiators of the unveiling of the monument say that they considered proposing that it be placed in front of the American Embassy in the Russian capital. according to "Tsargrad" portal.

The statue represents Milosevic holding a mask in his hand, which on the one hand resembles the character from the famous painting of the Norwegian painter Edward Munk - "Scream", but in fact it looks even more like the mask worn by the character of the killer in the horror movie "Scream". Radenovic told the ultra-nationalist portal "Tsargrad" that Serbs must be ashamed because the monument will not be placed in Serbia. The monument is ready and has already been delivered to Moscow accompanied by the "Night Wolves".

In an interview with "MK", ​​Bashirov states that the reason for setting up the monument in Moscow is, above all, because "Milosevic is the first victim of the criminal NATO", referring to the intervention in 1999, but he does it. not to mention that it is because of the war and the crimes committed by his regime in Kosovo, when in a few months he expelled over 800.000 Albanians from Kosovo, and it is not out of place to remind that the current Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also sat in the Government as Minister of Information .

The Russian authorities, then mainly President Boris Yeltsin, had excellent relations with Slobodan Milosevic, but did little to prevent the NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia in 1999, nor the secession of Kosovo that followed. After Milosevic fell from power in October 2000, his son Marko and his wife fled to Moscow Mira Markovic, which together with him ruled the country during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. She died in Moscow in 2019.

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