The employments of Toxicology signed by Besija Ilyazi are null and void

Besia Ilyazi / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The contracts received by the contractors of Toxicology, which are signed only by the organizational director Besija Ilyazi, are null and void and contrary to the law, where it is decisively stated that all legal acts must be signed by the medical and organizational director, said the director of the state sanitary and health Inspectorate, Renata Mladenovska, after an inspection control was carried out again today.

According to the legal provisions, the competence for employment decisions, dismissal decisions and public procurements is joint, that is, the consent of the two directors is necessary.

"If these acts are signed by only one director, according to the health care law, they are considered unsigned," said Mladenovska.

She added that there is no punishment for this offense in the law and announced that the Minister of Health Ilir Demiri will have to decide what to do next with these 18 people and the validity of their work contracts.

In relation to these 18 people, the inspectors previously made decisions that they should not be in the Clinic's premises because their contracts expired on January 31, 2023, and according to their inspection, they worked illegally with patients and provided health services, although they did not have contracts. for engagement but also appropriate education.

However, Minister Demiri did not see anything objectionable in Ilyazi's decisions, but he demanded responsibility from the medical director, Dr. Daniel Petrovski, who was dismissed from his position and whom he said did not work conscientiously and did not sign the contracts for these persons, even though he had consents to extend their work engagement.

The turmoil at the Clinic started last month when employees of the Clinic reacted that the organizational director Ilyazi insisted on hiring 18 people whose work contracts had expired.

The employees also complained that they could not communicate with Ilyazi because she does not speak the Macedonian language.

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