Nothing new in the women's handball Champions League, GyЃr is the first finalist

GyЃr will win his sixth Champions League title on Sunday / photo: EPA-EFE / Aniko Kovacs

GyЃr handball players secured a place in the final for the final tournament of the Women's Champions League to be played in Budapest after beating Esbjerg's team 32:27 in the semifinals.

The first half passed in a level game, and that best reflects the result with which he went on vacation, 15:15.

In the second half, Gyori ETO handball players played much better in defense, and the goal was understood by the former Vardar player, Amandine Leino, and in the finish they gained an advantage of five goals (28:23) after which they routinely brought the match to an end.

The most efficient in the ranks of GyЃr were Stine Oftendal with five, Lynn Blom and Reka Fodor with four goals each, while in the ranks of Esbjerd, Ella Reistad gave eight, and Christine Breistal and Wilde Ingstad scored five goals each.
Metz and Christiansand will play in the second semifinal at 18 pm.

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