Nikoloski: The future Government of VMRO-DPMNE will pass a law to ban the import of tobacco due to higher purchase prices of the Macedonian

Aleksandar Nikoloski/Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

Aleksandar Nikoloski, the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE and the holder of electoral unit 4, praised the mayors of these two municipalities for their successful work today in front of the citizens of Konche and Radovish municipalities.

- I can say that after the elections, there will be huge support for the municipality of Konche in order to realize the projects that are of vital importance for all those who live here. There is, of course, the support of agriculture, where perhaps the most important thing related to agriculture is tobacco, which is grown mostly in the municipality of Konche. We plan to pass the law on tobacco, which we submitted twice in the Parliament, but the majority of SDSM and DUI blocked it. And the reason why he blocked it is because they had business interests, Nikoloski said.

He emphasized that this law will ban the import of tobacco into Macedonia in order to buy all Macedonian tobacco at higher and decent prices, so that all farmers can live decently.

-Of course, there are also the increases in subsidies, the introduction of only three classes, and not as before when there were six or seven classes depending on the buyers, emphasized Nikoloski.

He added that in the area of ​​agriculture, the renewal of all water supply systems is planned, as well as the construction of new and completely new system of subsidies that will restore the dignity of the Macedonian farmer, and he also announced a larger foreign investment, which, as he said, should opened new and well-paid jobs for the residents of this entire region.

Nikoloski called on the citizens to vote en masse in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

-Mass turnout is the way to prevent this government of SDSM and DUI, the two political parties from going into opposition and finally to strike at the head of crime and corruption in Macedonia, to introduce a functional system of governance the right for Macedonia to develop economically, Nikoloski said.


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