According to the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE and holder of the list in IE 4, the upcoming parliamentary elections are the most important that will happen to Macedonia, "elections that will determine the future of Macedonia in the next 20 to 30 years".

Nikoloski says that "a small clique that is only burdened with personal interests" rules Macedonia and it was necessary for VMRO-DPMNE to win the largest number of deputies in order to be able to form a Government that will not be blackmailed by anyone.

Nikoloski pointed out that VMRO-DPMNE has so far the most comprehensive program called "Platforma 1198", where we are planning numerous projects for the whole country, and he briefly listed a few of them.

"But in order to do all this, we have to clean the crime from Macedonia. Currently, the embodiment of crime and corruption in Macedonia is the political party DUI. In these elections, it is decided whether Ali Ahmeti will continue to rule Macedonia or Macedonia will liberate itself with a government led by VMRO-DPMNE, with Hristijan Mickoski as Prime Minister. That is the simple question that the citizens should answer, that's why we call for a large, massive, referendum turnout. Everyone who is in Macedonia should go out and vote, those who are in the diaspora, if they can, should also come and vote and on May 8th, the changes will happen in Macedonia, so that, as we say, Macedonia is yours again. Nikoloski said.