"We will never recognize Russia's illegal annexation," the NATO allies said

NATO Summit Madrid Group Free Press
"Family" photo at the NATO summit in Madrid / 2022 / EPA-EFE / JuanJo Martin

In a joint statement from a two-day meeting in Bucharest, NATO foreign ministers warned that "Russian aggression, including its persistent attacks on Ukrainian civilian and energy infrastructure, is depriving millions of Ukrainians of basic services."

"It affects the world's food supply and threatens the world's most vulnerable countries and peoples." Russia's unacceptable actions, including hybrid activities, energy blackmail and reckless nuclear rhetoric, undermine the rules-based international order," the joint statement said.

The ministers condemn "Russia's cruelty towards the civilian population in Ukraine and the violation and abuse of human rights, such as forced deportations, torture and barbaric treatment of women, children and people in difficult situations".

"All those responsible for war crimes, including conflict-related sexual violence, must be held accountable. We also condemn all, including Belarus, who are actively aiding Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine," the statement said.

The heads of diplomacy state that they will continue and further strengthen political and practical support for Ukraine "while it continues to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and common values ​​from Russian aggression." They add that they will continue to provide support "as long as it is necessary".

The Statement also states that Finland and Sweden are participating in the meeting as countries invited to join the Alliance and adds that their approach will make them more confident, NATO stronger and the Euro-Atlantic area safer.

"Given that the Western Balkans and Black Sea regions are of strategic importance to the Alliance, we welcome our meeting with the Foreign Ministers of NATO partners Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova, as NATO steps up its support for building their integrity and endurance and preservation of their political independence", the ministers of the NATO members point out, including Macedonian Minister Bujar Osmani.

They also state that NATO is a defense alliance and that "it will continue to protect the population of its members and at all times defend every inch of the territory of the allies".

"We remain committed to preparing for, deterring and defending against enemy attacks on critical allied infrastructure." The Allies will respond to every attack uniquely and decisively", says the joint statement of the ministers of foreign affairs from the NATO member states after the meeting in Bucharest.

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