She has never posed like this: The secret symbolism of Kate Middleton's new photo revealed

Kate Middleton / Photo: X

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, posted a touching message on social network X (formerly Twitter) two days ago, thanking the public for all the support she received after the public learned she had been diagnosed with cancer.

In addition, she confirmed her presence at the King's Birthday Parade last night, where the princess rode in a carriage with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the rest of the royal family. .

This announcement was accompanied by a new photo of the Princess of Wales, which has now been revealed in detail. Namely, the photo hides a secret symbolism, and the way Kate posed is also very significant.

The Princess of Wales was photographed under the weeping willow tree in Windsor, and the pose she struck is unusual for her but is a symbol of recovery, body language expert Judy James told "Mirror".

"This is a thoughtful pose that seems to hint at how Kate Middleton appreciates and appreciates nature and the countryside after her illness. It is a symbol of recovery, but also of some changes. This is not her usual pose where she smiles happily straight into the camera. She preferred to pose looking up and to the side… as if the camera had caught her in a more intimate moment she wanted to share.

"There is a sense of public trust here, the two barriers, crossed arms and legs, are also new to Kate and imply an intriguing mix of vulnerability and privacy with a hint of a newfound kind of trust."

Her arms are slightly crossed in a pose often taken by professional people to convey authority. Her smile reveals a similar sentiment. It's not her usual perfect royal smile. With lips closed, it suggests a serene happiness that is internal rather than projected. In jeans and sneakers, Kate still seems to be taking it easy on her return to royal life," James explained.

Her engagement ring can also be seen shining in the picture. Otherwise, Kate, whose return was announced back in March, once again demonstrated the power of her style, posing in brilliantly designed sporty elegance. Previously, she was inclined towards that fashion style, which fits perfectly with her image, but also with the message in which she emphasized that she is returning to her duties, but in a limited form.

PHOTO | After a long time: Published joint photo of Kate Middleton and Prince William

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