We are a democratic country, but if necessary, we will protect public order and security, says Pendarovski

Stevo Pendarovski, president of RSM/Photo: MIA

The President Stevo Pendarovski said tonight that the measure to declare a person "persona non grata" anywhere in the world is not taken because of political statements, but when there are indications of a threat to national security.

"I want to clarify what I said at the press conference after the Council." And I see that some of these famous experts, analysts, professors, even politicians who understand the Bulgarian-Macedonian complex that goes back decades, do not see that distinction. I am not asking for expulsion, the names are not important, I am not asking for expulsion, and I am not asking for a ban on people who say we are Bulgarians coming to Macedonia. They have the right to call it that. We are going to go with sanctions against people who claim that we are not Macedonians, there is a lot to sanction here. So this kind of measure, persona non grata, is not taken anywhere in the world because of a political statement," said Pendarovski in an interview for "Thelma", adding that we are a democratic state and we claim to be a true European democracy.

The President emphasizes that "if public order, public order and peace, the national security of Macedonia or our international position are threatened, but I would apostrophize, the first two in particular, in that case we should deny on those grounds".

"So, I repeat, that guy you mention does not bother me, no matter how much he shouts in the center of Skopje that I am not Macedonian. They are just kidding, they are political charlatans, circus performers who say things that are denied by the entire world science, first of all, by the feelings of the Macedonian people. However, if you say: I will come with organized transport and call all Bulgarians in Macedonia, outside Macedonia to come in thousands to show them who these are who do not know who they are, that is a threat to public order. And that is a threat to the national security of Macedonia, said Pendarovski, adding that at such a moment he would react and recommend such a set of measures to the Government.

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