Even the experts can't agree: How often should you wash your pajamas?

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Pajamas we wear it for a minimum of five to six hours during the night, and we cover ourselves with a blanket or a cover.

It is known that we sweat while we sleep, and the condition of the pajamas depends on the cleanliness of the body and bedding.

In addition to all this, pajamas can accumulate natural body oils and bacteria, so if you don't wash them regularly, the result will be an unpleasant smell.

Experts do not agree on how often pajamas should be washed.

"If you haven't spilled milk or juice right before bed, if you don't sweat a lot and don't wear pajamas all day, you can sleep in them for a few nights in a row before washing them," says Jenny Varney, director of the Molly Maid cleaning company. ".

In contrast, Chris Albers, marketing director at the company Carbona, which produces cleaning products, believes that washing should be done more often.

- Since you spend an average of seven to eight hours in your pajamas during the night, you should wash them as often as the other clothes you change on a daily basis - he says.

Melissa Maker, author and founder of the household cleaning company Clean May Space, believes that how often you wash your pajamas also depends on whether you wear them as your only sleepwear or if you wear underwear underneath.

"If your pajamas are the only thing you wear to sleep in, you should be changing them every day. If you wear underwear under them, you should wash them every two to three days."

While they can't seem to agree on this seemingly simple matter, they all agree on the following: If you're prone to night sweats, change your pajamas daily, as well as your summer or workout clothes, which also won't you wear it twice without washing it.

- When you decide on it, think about how much you sweat and how much the pajamas were in contact with the skin - says Gwen Whiting, co-founder of the company "Laundries".

Namely, if you take them off first thing in the morning and can let them air out, you could probably wear them for a few days before the fabric soaks up sweat and the skin's natural oils and bacteria, and if you wear them all day, then definitely throw them away immediately to wash.

Lindsey Boyd, co-founder of the same company, believes that if you shower every night before putting on your pajamas, then you can postpone washing for two to three days, but only if you don't use too much body milk.



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