Neither Jordan nor LeBron: No one in NBA history like Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic / Photo: EPA-EFE / ERIK S. LESSER

Last night in the strongest league in the world Denver this time as a guest he was better than Detroit with 105: 110. These two teams met two days ago when the Nuggets also celebrated, but at home.

He was the top scorer in the winning ranks Cade Cunningham with 34 points (eight rebounds and assists), followed Nikola Jokic with 28 points, 21 rebounds and nine assists. At the Pistons, Sadiq Bay stood out with 21 points, while Aaron Gordon scored 16.

Jokic, the most useful player from last year, regularly sets records in the NBA league. The Serbian center is the only player in NBA history to reach 500 rebounds and 5.000 assists in 3.000 games.

Specifically, he now has 5.008 rebounds, 3.008 assists, and he has not yet reached the 500th game in the NBA, ie he has 494 games played so far.

NBA League, results -

Detroit - Denver 105: 110

Philadelphia - New Orleans 117: 107

Toronto - Charlotte 125: 113

Washington - LA Clippers 115: 116

Boston - Sacramento 128: 75

Brooklyn - LA Lakers 96: 106

Houston - San Antonio 104: 134

Golden State - Dallas 130: 92

Portland - Minnesota 107: 109

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