Neurologists discover: How to rejuvenate the brain?

Photo: Unsplash

Neurologists have analyzed 70.000 cases of patients from 90 different countries and proved that we can all slow down the aging process and even rejuvenate the brain. Our brain has 10 billion nerves, and we lose as many as 85.000 cells every day.

Here's what neurologists say should be done to rejuvenate the brain:

- Create positive social connections, because people imitate habits
to those with whom they associate;
- Never stop learning new things;
- Lead a healthy life;
- Consume fish oil;
- Learn to play an instrument;
- Knit or learn to knit;
- Do sports regularly;
- Dance;
- Get at least seven hours of sleep;
- Think positively or at least start doing it;
- Be grateful and write down the things you are grateful for;
- Meditate.

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