Amazing life story of Filip Ristovski: Doctors gave him one percent chance to survive, today he wins prizes in running

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From a life of thread now full of challenges to play football again and run more miles by running! We can easily face a series of unfortunate circumstances for which we are not prepared, we would not even think about them in a dream. It is important only to change the perspective. We will be far more prepared for the unfortunate circumstances if we accept the only fact, that there can be no life ups and downs without falls.

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Filip Ristovski, whose life hung in a deep coma for 20 days after the fatal car accident, is today a young boy to whom God gave a second life and who lives it with full breasts.

- There is no life without ups and downs, everyone faced a situation that brought him to his knees, it happened to me on 15.06.2016. Like any high school student, after graduating from high school, I got a job as an IT technician. One working day, on Blvd. Jane Sandanski, in the parking lot in front of the building where I was setting up the internet, with one foot on the sidewalk, was hit by a reckless car driver. He was driving at high speed, I was dragged a few meters and I got severe bodily injuries - begins Filip.

He was immediately taken to the City Hospital, in a comatose state. The doctors had no hope that Philip would cope with the condition.

- The doctors gave me only one percent chance, so they told my loved ones, one percent chance for life. In those moments, I do not even remember, they did their best, they left the rest to God.

Philip fought, that one percent of life, along with faith in God, he accepted as a challenge.

- Room number 25. A room in which I was thinking about my second chance for a year. Days I will never forget. I woke up from a coma, but I was motionless. Numerous fractures, pain that reminded me of everything. Pain that I wanted to be gone, to overcome. You will not be able to go, a doctor told me. Tied to a wheelchair, I decided, I will not be. I got up, I practiced, I insisted that I would succeed. - Philip remembers.

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Before the fatal accident, Philip had a successful and promising football career. It all collapsed the moment he was hit by a car. But Philip, after recovering from the difficult moments, returned to athletics. Each of his races is a new challenge for success.

- I loved football, I played in the third league North, but I also loved running. Everything collapsed when I had an accident. But I started building success again, but this time in running. I participate in marathons and achieve success.

After everything he experienced, he wrote an author's book in which he tells his whole life, all the difficult and painful moments as well as everything he has experienced in the past period.

"Victory is the sweetest to the winner" is the title of the book. I especially set aside a page in the book in which I have a dedication to my mother and sister who says: I thank my mother Suzana and my sister Radica for their selfless love and unprecedented patience - says Filip.

Today, Philip has a story that he tells with pride, a life that inspires himself, but also others who at some point will face their heavy fall.

Photo: Private archive


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