We are unhappy, therefore we exist

Blagojce Atanasoski
Blagojce Atanasoski. / Photo: Free Press Archive

Who destroyed our health, education, culture, institutions, for the environment and environmental living, and I don't want to talk at all, so that today we are the most unhappy even in the Western Balkans?! Who?

No, well, no. If this people and this nation did not exist in the entire known galaxy, the Lord God had to invent them. Imagine how incredible it would be for you, on a public opinion survey, whether you are happy/unhappy, to answer en masse that you are unhappy, and when the results of that and such a survey are published, you then become hysterical and scream and be unhappy on social media , of course, because the results were so "devastating".

It's like standing on the forty-fourth floor of Javahir at the Airport, letting yourself be pulled down by the gravitational force of the Earth, making yourself a pancake on the pavement below, and when you walk in front of the gates of St. Peter's, cleaned of all your sins, to be angry with him, to scold him and resent the saint for bringing you right now, to him. That's who we are and that's how we are.

History, tradition and culture have the greatest influence on the level of (un)happiness. They present the accident as an essential element of national identity. I'm unhappy, so I'm Macedonian. Pure Cartesianism. From the eyes of Samuel's soldiers and the death of the king to the death of numerous heroes and heroes who are celebrated as a single achievement, the national character is filled with misfortune like a barrel of cabbage.

In folklore, literature, drama, painting, film... Macedonia is self-presented as a huge fresco of misfortune. A sick tribe, a people that is not known, with paralyzed eyes, egos, slavery, escapes, occupations, murders... That feeling then significantly affects the political orientation, that is, the current life, says the former journalist and current columnist in his brilliant status as he describes it the "misfortune" of the Macedonians.

Misfortune is our national identity

Sometimes I feel that we are only happy if we are unhappy. That is, collective misfortunes cause us exaltation in which, through the hysterization of the misfortune in question, we prove and show ourselves that we are happy. That is, we are them, we have not become some others. From the burning of the Tetovo hospital, to the bus accidents of "Durmo Tours" near Laskarci and "BESA-trans" near Pernik, to all other collective or individual accidents, we confirm that this is inherent and can only happen in unhappy Macedonia. Due to so many misfortunes, the Macedonian has become so distrustful, that even if nice and positive things happen to him, he does not look at them with pleasure, but with suspicion, a dilemma, whether someone from the outside is giving him some kind of conspiracy theory.

The layered decades of frustrations in and around him have made him a measure of unhappiness. We have become so zombified, that we do not know or, even worse, we are afraid to rejoice in something beautiful. It is that paranoia, that spasm, that national narrowness and that fear that keeps us paralyzed all these thirty years in the eventual development and rebound in the future of an entire nation and state. Lamenting about the daily small misfortunes of the average Macedonian, created us a scared, lost in time and space, anxious nation, which does not know what to do with itself and what to do with itself.

And what and from whom is the Macedonian unhappy? Who did this to him from a decently ordered and functional state for its time, with built institutions of the system, fairly good health and education, good living environment, culture and art at an enviable level in the Balkan framework, after the collapse of SFR Yugoslavia to touch it the bottom according to all parameters of social life, from every possible aspect? Who destroyed our health, education, culture, institutions, for the environment and environmental living, and I don't want to talk at all, so that today we are the most unhappy even in the Western Balkans?! Who? Who?

Are the Bulgarians, the Greeks or our native Albanians to blame for this too? Until when will we look for the blame for these and similar things all around us and in everyone around us, and not in ourselves, where the very source of the mentioned problems is. As such, we, a whole people, a whole nation with a total population as large as a large European city or a Chinese quarter in Shanghai or Beijing, with a total state territoriality as large as a Crimea or a Sicily, for thirty years cannot be able to put it in order, to organize ourselves in a state-legal order with functional institutions and laws that will apply equally to everyone? I even think that the way we are or the way we have been since independence until now, we are also a little unhappy, that is, we should also be happy that we are only so unhappy. We deserve more than what we have done to ourselves.

What did the Macedonian do to be happy?

The university professor at the "Justinian I" Faculty of Law at the Department of Economic Sciences, Vancho Uzunov, once told us that Macedonians receive high salaries in relation to how much they worked, how productive they were at their workplace, whether in the labor-intensive sector or in the service sector, and there is no question of public administration at all. And about how efficient, effective they are and how much they have worked, that is, they have earned their salary.

Branko Trichkovski says that "there is no nation in the entire known universe, which with less effort, less energy, less work and investment, lives a better and more beautiful life than the Macedonians". While my mother says all her life: as this people lies and does nothing, and enjoys life - there is nowhere! I completely agree.

Like all southern nations, we are not particularly attached to work ethics, discipline and the desire to work, hence our gross domestic product per capita. But when you see Macedonians in bars, when you see their homes, their cars, their clothes, the latest phones, going to "Greece" on vacation at least once or more times a year, going on a winter vacation and skiing in Kopaonik, Bansko or in the Alps, we live five times more beautiful and quality life than the one we deserve, that is, than the one we have earned with our own efforts. Aren't you aware of how much and how a Swiss or Japanese has to work to afford all these hedonistic pleasures of this earthly life? You probably haven't. So pull yourself together, don't be so unhappy, because maybe what we have is too much for us and we don't deserve it. We believe that it fell to us from the sky, not that we have to create it ourselves. Like the Finns or the Japanese, for example.

(The author is a political scientist)

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