The elections in Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane are conducted smoothly

Local elections 2021 / Photo: Free Press, Dragan Mitreski

Voting is currently underway in Kumanovo, said MEC President Brankica Dimkovic. 93.986 voters who vote at 167 polling stations have the right to vote in the largest municipality in the country. According to the data of the SEC, by 11 o'clock the turnout was 5,91 percent.

- The technical problems that were with the biometric identification devices are gradually being overcome. Technical support teams are constantly on the ground, said MEC President Dimkovic.

Voting is currently conducted in the municipality of Lipkovo. Minor technical problems at the beginning of the voting with the fingerprint machines are already being overcome, informed the MEC President, Ayşe Demiri. In Lipkovo, 26.042 voters have the right to vote and vote at 36 polling stations. According to the SEC, the turnout in this municipality by 11 am is 5,41 percent.

In Staro Nagoricane, 3.262 voters have the right to vote, exercising their right to vote at 38 polling stations.

- We had problems with fingerprints at some polling stations, some have been overcome, for some polling stations technical support is sent, said MEC President Marjan Dailovski. According to the SEC, the turnout in this rural municipality by 11 am is 13,36 percent.

Source: MIA

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