Unusual quarantine trend: Instead of pajamas at home, influencers wear glamorous dresses while performing their duties! (PHOTO)


Lucy Rodgers (32) recently created an Instagram account @sayyestothewfhdress where she posts her glamorous fashion combinations every day, despite spending time in home quarantine, reports NewYorkPost.

"I created this profile to make my friends and family laugh, but to be honest, now this has become an important part of my life. "I got a lot of messages from people telling me they liked the idea but also wanted to join me," said Lucy, a digital marketing expert.

Lucy showed off her favorite dresses, and they are mostly glamorous creations, which are worn at evening shows and celebrations.

So she eats in the most modern toilets, reads books, cleans the toilet.

Rodgers is not the only one who keeps her fashion diary on Instagram while in quarantine.

Jessica Wang, a New York fashion influencer and blogger, takes the best fashion combinations out of her closet and then presents them on the popular social network.

In one post, Wang wears a one-shoulder dress while completing homework.

Another inspiration comes from the Instagram profile @wfhfits. The popular profile, which has 22,4 thousand followers, publishes the best fashion combinations that are mainly sent by other users of the internet platform.

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