Do not have enough Gmail space? Clean your inbox in three easy steps

The large amount of space occupied is usually the result of large e-mail attachments. The total storage space you have on your Google Account includes Gmail, Drive, and photos, which means that sometimes every megabyte of space can be important to you.

However, after Google introduced new rules on the size of "memory", many users were left without valuable space. And, most of that unnecessary space is in the Gmail itself.

The large amount of occupied space is usually the result of large email attachments which, fortunately, you can get rid of with a simple search, advises LifeHacker.

You need to do the following:

1. In your Gmail account, click search and type - has: attachment larger: 10MB. You will be shown an entire email with attachments larger than 10 MB.

You can change the number that indicates the size of the attachment yourself, just make sure there is an attachment size limit of up to 25 MB per message.

2. When you get the desired result, select the messages you want to delete and click the delete icon.

3. Finally, open "Trash" on the left side of the screen and empty the "basket" by clicking on: " More > Trash > Empty Trash Now “.

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