There is no need for Bulgarian policemen to come to Macedonia, says Angelov

Photo: TV24 / print screen

There is no need for Bulgarian policemen to be part of the security during the celebration of Gotse Delchev's birth, according to the director of the Crisis Management Center. Stojanche Angelov.

According to him, the Macedonian police have shown in the past that they can handle demonstrations when there were more than 10 thousand people.

"It will be enough for a few people from Bulgaria to be hit, beaten and attacked at the birthday celebration, we don't need more. If we here because of a few fistfights that have a criminal background experienced such a scandal that had a negative impact on the relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia, imagine what would happen if there was an attack on several people or a mutual fight. Our Ministry of the Interior and the police are more than ready to deal with all the problems at Gotse Delchev's grave. Our special forces maintain public order and peace when we have tens of thousands of angry protesters. Assessment of the prime minister and the minister whether it would be useful from a political point of view if Bulgarian policemen would come. Maybe from a propaganda point of view it would have a positive impact, but from a security point of view they are not necessary," said Angelov in the "Argument Plus" show.

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