No money, no song: Severina owes Goran Bregović 30.000 euros

Severina and Goran Bregovic / Facebook
Severina and Goran Bregovic / Facebook

Croatian singer Severina cannot release a new album, and the reason is said to be a debt to the famous musician and songwriter, Goran Bregović.

Photo: Goran Bregović / EPA/MARTIAL TREZZINI

The singer has been announcing the release of a new album for two years, but it never happened. Although she is on friendly terms with the composer, he does not allow her to publish the song he wrote until Severina pays him 30.000 euros, she learns.

Severina and Goran Bregovic / Instagram
Severina and Goran Bregović/Printscreen – Instagram

According to Serbian media, last summer Bregovic sent a message to Severina and asked when he would be paid for the song. Allegedly, Severina replied that she currently has no money for the song, to which Brega told her that the song will wait until he gets the money.

Photo: Instagram

Namely, as the media reports, Severina and Goran had a similar problem 15 years ago, when he wrote almost all the songs for her album "Hello Marijo".

As a reminder, Bregović was the producer and majority author of Severina's album "Hello Mary" from 2008. Ten songs were released on it, and the biggest ones to this day are big hits and favorites of the Balkan audience.

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