There is no candidate for president and for the second round of voting in the Albanian Parliament

Albania elections / Photo: EPA-EFE / Malton Dibra

The second round of voting for Albania's new president, scheduled for tomorrow at 18pm, will fail after the ruling Socialists and the opposition failed to reach an agreement on a consensual candidate.

Today, until 16 pm, was the deadline for submitting proposals-candidacies with the signatures of 20 MPs, but none of them has been officially submitted.

Unlike Tuesday, when it was agreed to resume talks, representatives of the ruling and opposition parliamentary groups have now suspended the talks because, according to the Democratic Party parliamentary group co-ordinator, Enkleide Alibay the socialists did not respect the agreement reached by consensus.

And the coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Bala, confirmed that there is no agreement, adding that he can not understand why PD is withdrawing from the agreement and that it should be more responsible.

He added that the new head of state will be elected in the fourth round, as they have the required 71 votes in Parliament.

The Constitution provides for five rounds of voting for the election of a head of state. In the first three, the presidential candidate needs the support of 84 deputies out of a total of 140 in parliament, which the Socialists do not have. In the next two, the president is elected by a simple majority, ie 71 votes.

The mandate of the current president, Ilir Meta, ends July 24.

Source: MIA

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