We will not recognize the census if the Turks are less than seven percent, says Emin Husrev

Emin Husrev / photo: Facebook

The Turkish community in Macedonia will not recognize the census, if after the census and the announcement of the results, the number of citizens who declared themselves as Turks is less than seven percent, said Emin Husrev from the coordinating body for the Turkish census in today's edition of the show Stadium on Channel 77.

"According to the analyzes made in March this year, which are based on field knowledge, analyzes, polls conducted by NGOs, according to the voter list and the analysis of the World Bank, SSO analyzes regarding the birth rate of Turks, we as a community then adopted a declaration "in which, among other things, we emphasized that our community can not be less than seven percent and we do not recognize a figure less than this percentage." said Husrev.

He enumerated several other remarks about the course of the census, such as the application which is in Turkish, but the answers are in Macedonian. That, he said, cast doubt on the Turkish community that the results would be relevant. He also reacted to the number of enumerators, saying that there should be 206, who would be in charge of enumerating the Turkish community. About 75 enumerators are missing at the moment. Husrev announced that if the authorities do not eliminate those shortcomings, it is possible that they will boycott the further course of the census.

The director of the SSO, Apostol Simovski, who together with Husrev was a guest on Kanal 77, regarding the number expected by the Turkish community, said that the census should be left to end and the results should be seen.

Let the census say how many we are and what we are, said Simovski.

Regarding the application which is in Turkish, and the answers in Macedonian, Simovski said that it is the same with the applications for all communities.

Where data from databases are used, we can not translate them because it is a huge database and the answer comes only in Macedonian, added the director of the SSO.

As for the number of enumerators, that is why they applied so much for the published announcement, which lasted 10 days instead of 40.

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