Nela Stojanova for "Sloboden Pechat": I am not an activist, but just an animal lover, what happened to me can happen to anyone

Skopje Homeless dogs
Homeless dogs in Skopje / EPA-EFE/GEORGI LICOVSKI

I'm not an activist, I'm just an animal lover. Although they often say that dogs don't attack you if you don't attack them, I'm an example who didn't touch them at all, on the contrary, I'm not even afraid of them, and I was attacked, Nela Stoyanova, who was attacked by a pack a few days ago, told "Sloboden Pechat" in Struga. After publishing the news from the Ohridnet portal, a discussion was opened on social networks is Stojanova really an activist? for the protection of animals or the information was misused and manipulative to the extent that the problem with the dogs is unsolvable for the authorities, that is, that those who care for them are also attacked by the homeless dogs.

It is no longer a question of a puppy or two, it is a question of packs of aggressive dogs that attack daily. Some portals started writing that karma has caught up with me and similar sarcastic headlines that were followed by hateful comments. What happened to me can happen to anyone, activist and non-activist, man, woman and child, I don't wish this pain and stress on anyone. It is not humane to say that someone deserved this. I want to mention that I am not an activist, I believe that brutal killing is not a solution. But let me also mention that human life is a priority. The authorities do not take any decision, and we citizens live in fear, said Stojanova.

The problem in Struga with homeless dogs is real, and recently there was a report by the Ministry of the Interior to a citizen who he killed dogs with a rifle.

The competent institution for solving the problem, Struga Municipality, believes that the Government should solve this problem. Mayor Ramiz Merko is asking for a law to be passed by which the Veterinary Agency at the state level will deal with solving the situation with homeless dogs.

The views regarding this problem in Struga are conflicting, some of the citizens are looking for a solution, and activists are looking for the protection of dogs, but at the same time some of the media deliberately or do not publish information that has not been verified and unprofessional information in order to defocus the real problem.

In the past week, according to the data from the Ministry of the Interior's bulletin, reports were registered of about 20 attacks by homeless dogs in the territory of the entire country.

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