Someone stole the busts of Nikola Vaptsarov and Kole Nedelkovski from Skopje's City Park

PHOTO: Archive

Busts of poets and writers Nikola Vaptsarov и Kole Nedelkovski this weekend they were stolen from the City Park in Skopje, and the pedestals on which they stood were demolished.

According to the report received by the police, the theft happened on the busy path that leads from the park to the city stadium, on Saturday night.

"On October 2, at 9:52 a.m., it was reported to SVR Skopje that the monuments of Kole Nedelkovski and Nikola Vaptsarov were damaged, and the busts were also taken away. Measures are being taken to clear up the case"

Before the theft, the unknown carpenters pushed the pedestals of the two memorials, and then the bronze busts were cut off with almost surgical precision.

The monuments of Vaptsarov and Nedelkovski were unveiled in 2013, when busts of four more Macedonian poets and revolutionaries were placed."

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