Let it be a handball spectacle: Same wishes in the messages from Bitola and Skopje before Sunday's derby

photo: RK Vardar 1961

On Sunday, March 26, the big handball derby between Vardar and Eurofarm Pelister will be played within the 5th round of the Superliga playoffs.

The derby is of great importance in the battle for the title, both teams currently have 15 points in the table. The match will be played at 18:00, and the "Committees" program will start at 13:00.

Before this match, messages are sent from both camps so that everything goes in a sports atmosphere. First, Vardar players published an address in which they expressed their support for the Bitola referee couple chosen for this derby, although they emphasized that until now they had shared justice in their derby matches. Gjorgji Nachevski и Slave Nikolov.

Before the weekly handball derby with Eurofarm Pelister, which is the biggest handball rivalry in Macedonia, and after the delegation of officials to the match, the Vardar handball club wants to support the sports aspect of the match.

Vardar believes that the entire match will pass in an extremely correct and sporting atmosphere, and the officials delegated for this match will be up to the task, just like all other participants in the match.

Macedonia has always had quality referees, and among them are the couple Mitrevski - Todorovski, who will be part of our handball duel. With their knowledge, experience and integrity, they have shown many times that they are mature for such competitions. We will try to make it as easy as possible for them.

In the derby matches where Vardar played, justice was always distributed by the best, most often Nikolov - Nachevski, currently the world's best pair of referees. For us, it was never important who distributes justice, and who is the delegate, and therefore we want to give full support to the officials and wish them a successful match, where the currently better team should win.

We will fight for every ball and every inch of the pitch. Sports and handball should win. From the fans of both teams, we expect equal sportsmanship in the stands, and to make a real handball party together.

We are waiting for you on Sunday at SC "Jane Sandanski", says Vardar's address.

A little later, the Bitola club announced that they wanted the match to be a handball spectacle.

RK Eurofarm Pelister as a handball team always promotes and nurtures the idea of ​​sportsmanship and fair behavior as a basic postulate of its functioning. The firm conviction that sports and athletes are the ones who should fight for victories and titles are the foundation of building our sports team. We as a club have always respected and will respect other actors on the sports field (judges, delegates, officials, controllers...). Always and with great respect and full support, we stand behind every choice that will be chosen to be on the field. In our handball championship, as rarely anywhere else, we can proudly boast of quality referees and delegates, real professionals, who, in addition to national competitions, are permanent actors in a large number of international club and representative competitions. Their quality and proven track record always and before every match generates a feeling of calm and unburdened by the choice of which of them will be chosen to be on the field. We have the same feeling before Sunday's handball derby with RK Vardar 1961.

Our focus is completely focused only on how much it is possible for our team to be better prepared for the competition and through sportsmanship, fair and correct behavior to achieve the set goal. The delegated referees and delegates for the Sunday match are internationally recognized and respected professionals who have our full trust and deserve the trust of the handball public. On our behalf, we promise maximum, correct and sportsmanlike behavior and respect for all actors on the sports field. With our behavior on the field and with the behavior of the players and coaches of RK Vardar 1961 (we are convinced that it will be correct, sportsmanlike, fair and positive), we will all contribute to making the Sunday match a real handball holiday. All true handball lovers should enjoy that handball holiday. Handball lovers and fans who will be in the hall as always until now, will also have one of the main roles in the handball performance.

As for the fans, we also on this occasion express our firm conviction that their role will be brilliant, sporting, fair and correct, unforgettable and unimaginable for other spaces outside the borders of our country. The match on Sunday has all the possible prerequisites for a top handball sports and fair match and it will be like that. May the better man win, may sport/handball win," Bitol residents announced.


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