It is uncertain whether the sixth graders will receive their textbooks by the end of September

Students / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Sixth graders started this school year without textbooks, because with the new Conception in Education, the curriculum changes, so new textbooks are needed. Although the Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri promised that the textbooks would be available by the end of September, the end is almost here, and the procedure for printing the textbooks has not started.

Free Press sent questions to the Ministry of Education about how far the procedure for textbooks for the sixth grade is, and from there they replied that the textbooks for Albanian language and natural sciences have been approved.

The Mathematics textbook was approved, but the appeal procedure is ongoing, while the Macedonian and Turkish textbooks are in the approval process. An author team is being formed for History and Society. On the website for electronic textbooks, the only textbook available for sixth graders is the textbook Language and Culture of the Bosniaks, which is an optional subject, and the Albanian language textbook is also available in PDF version as an optional subject.

Sixth graders are provided with auxiliary materials while they wait for their textbooks. These materials are produced by the Bureau of Education Development and are available only in electronic form on the Bureau's website.

At the beginning of September, the Commission for Protection against Discrimination determined that the Ministry of Education and Culture did not respect the legal deadline to provide textbooks

KSZD analyzed the situation and concluded that out of a total of 126 textbooks required for all mandatory elective subjects in the nine-year primary education, at the beginning of this school year the Ministry of Education and Culture did not provide 43 textbooks, that is, 34 percent of the textbooks are missing. With this, the Ministry of Education and Culture did not fulfill the legal obligation to provide textbooks for all subjects in all languages ​​taught in primary education before the beginning of the new school year.

At the session, the Commission made a decision to file a lawsuit for protection against discrimination in the public interest against the Ministry of Education and Science due to the lack of textbooks in primary education.

This is the first case in which KSZD requested judicial protection as the highest protection against discrimination.

On the other hand, the MES says that the production of textbooks is a complex process and depends on several factors, independent of the systemic influence.

The Ministry clarifies that they do not have legal mechanisms that can influence the registration of calls for author teams and calls for reviewers for a new textbook on a specific subject.

According to Minister Jeton Shaqiri, unlike the previous school year, textbooks are now delivered daily and he expects all textbooks to be delivered by the end of September.

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