Sunday morning in Gjorce Petrov in the yard of Olgica - guardian of the Macedonian gastronomy and gardening!

Today we are in the Skopje settlement Gjorce Petrov, and we enjoy Sunday morning in the company of Olgica Jordanovska, in her yard which covers 50 square meters.

Olgica is a craftswoman, engaged in the production and sale of the most delicious thing - crusts, noodles, lasagna, kadaif…
It is wonderful to talk about this topic with our flower lady, because the occasions when you can meet someone who so passionately preserves the Macedonian gastronomic tradition are not frequent.

- Now, due to the coronary crisis, the demand has decreased because I cooperate mostly with restaurants and catering, - Olgica is honest, but that is why the season of celebrations is ahead of us, and thus the season of crusts.

We wish her, from the bottom of her heart, to have her hands full!

Of course, we move on to our topic - the yard.

Photo: Private archive

We ask her, from whom did she inherit her love and mastery of growing flowers.

- As a teenager, my mother instilled in me a love for growing up…

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