Nedelkov: I expect an agreement with Minister Trenchevska for payment of per diems during the strike

The President of SONK Jakim Nedelkov, before today's meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovana Trenchevska expressed optimism that a solution to the demands of educators will finally be found.

- We have not received a new concrete offer to increase teachers' salaries, when we receive it, the procedure will remain the same. There will be a session again at which the membership of SONK will decide whether to accept the offer or not. Today, we will talk with Minister Trenchevska about the payment of teachers' per diems during the strike, and I hope we will find a common solution, said Nedelkov.

The previous meeting of the trade unions with the Ministry of Education and Science was on Friday, when the collective agreements in primary and secondary education were negotiated, and the MLSP had a meeting on Thursday when the two sides discussed the establishment of a working group for a new collective agreement for preschools. by June.

It is expected to be discussed with the Ministry of Education and Science today the percentage increase in wages.

Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri said today that they will make efforts to reach an agreement because the second ten days of the deadline for resolving the mediation dispute end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

- We will make efforts today to reach an agreement because for many topics of the conversation we have come close to solving the problem. During the day, to find a solution together with the conciliator and the two parties that are in negotiations to accept the recommendations that will come from the conciliator, said Shaqiri.

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