"I don't believe it, they are too experienced": Grubi denies that fellow party members came with official vehicles to a party rally

photo: Archive

The Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi denies that official vehicles were misused by officials from this party at last night's DUI rally in Chair.

- I don't believe they did that, they are too experienced. I have never driven the company car. The driver picks me up, takes me home and on the weekend I drive my car together with my family," Grubi said in tonight's appearance on "Top Topic" on "Thelma".

When asked if he violates the Code of Ethics for officials when he promotes party events through the official vice prime minister's Facebook page, Grubi said the account is private.

"It's a private page. I was previously a member of parliament, politician, chief of staff. I have not promoted with state money, I have not paid. It's my private profile and I do whatever I want. "If I play football, soccer, if I play basketball, basketball, if I post about the blue ocean, that's my job," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

On VMRO-DPMNE's accusations that his brother's company charged for tourism services from state institutions, Grubi said that the company received funds from the government as aid that the state gave to all companies during the pandemic.

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