"You are not all the same", Mr. Mickoski!

Ljubisa Nikolovski. / Photo: Free Press

What Hristijan Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE are doing with the negative campaign towards Zoran Zaev, through announcements, press conferences, including TV duels, inevitably provokes a reaction from the citizens, by which they support the leader of SDSM. In the spirit of "what is more slander and lies, Tito (Zoki) is dear to us", the famous slogan with which the peoples and nationalities of the former Yugoslavia responded to foreign propaganda aimed at smearing their beloved leader with their campaigns .

Of course, Zoran Zaev is far from the popularity of Josip Broz Tito, but the polls conducted in a series by renowned professional companies that have been examining public opinion for the past 4-5 years, show that after Zaev took over the title from Gruevski in 2017, he is still the most popular politician in the country. The latest poll of "Brima" shows that he has a rating of 11,8 percent among the citizens, while the rating of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE is 7 percent, and here, with a plus or minus one or two percent, both are concreted.

This ratio in the ratings is probably the reason why Mickoski at the TV duel on "Kanal 5" last night could not refrain from showing impatience with his political opponent who borders on hatred. It was hard to see Professor Mickoski, who from hour to hour looked like a stubborn neighborhood, so instead of chasing the Prime Minister with questions from the economy that he says he is an expert, he "stumbled" with boring, empty phrases, repeated 100 times raided the 14 dead in the Tetovo hospital, missing the chance to present parts of its program that it says it has and that it is professionally prepared. This leaves us with only a rhetorical assurance that his government will be better than this, without any arguments for that.

At the same time, a prosecutor and a judge were playing tricks, blaming ministers, mayors and directors of the current government, announcing revenge when they come to power, recalling a time when the executive was three in one, both executive and judicial. legislative.

What Mickoski obviously does not understand is that by permanently denigrating Zaev, he is actually doing him a favor. He raises his rating and lowers his own.

Brima's poll, in addition to the rating, shows the "benevolence" of the citizens towards both politicians, and it ranges from 13,6 to 17,8 percent for Zaev, while for Mickoski it is between 8,3 and 15,8. However, this poll is characteristic, among other things, in that it specifies the negative popularity of politicians, ie it shows that they are not popular with a significant number of citizens.

Thus, 46,9 percent of the respondents are extremely "unkind" to the leader of SDSM Zoran Zaev, while that "unkindness" to the first man of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, reaches as much as 71 percent. What would Mickoski say "we are not all the same"! Obviously you are not, and the citizens think the same.

This is certainly an indication that the poison arrows aimed at the "pumped" do not hit the target to the extent that the "precision" wants to achieve. That is why he managed to achieve the effect of a political "suicide by ambush". The 71 percent figure of ill-will among the respondents is too much for an opposition leader who claims to be in power, which probably shows that there is no support among "his own" either.

Polls are polls. The citizens will have the last word in the elections, however. But it does not matter to start a campaign to win votes knowing that you are not addressing the right points in communicating with them. It is one thing to keep saying that not everything is the best in the country, but it is another to offer better options than those that are now available to the citizens. And that is exactly what the leader of VMRO-DPMNE lacks in communicating with the public. We are not able to find out what is the political and economic platform with which VMRO-DPMNE will lead the country and how it will realize it.

Hence, the televised duels are hours of torture for the viewers, who do not have the opportunity to hear anything new, except what the party headquarters place daily in their announcements and at press conferences. Zaev does not have the opportunity to brag about what he has done, nor does Mickoski have anything to brag about.

This attitude of the leader of the largest opposition party, which brings him a low rating among the citizens, pushes the VMRO-DPMNE party into the abyss of political ruin, allowing Zaev comfort in conducting policies. Additionally, it leaves an empty space on the political scene for parties such as "United Macedonia" or the Left to penetrate unhindered, which take the primacy of the once inviolable VMRO-DPMNE, at least when it comes to the bloc of the so-called right-wing or Christian Democrat parties. Confirmation of this is the rating of the leader of the Left, Dimitar Apasiev, who, although low, is still approaching that of Mickoski.

The analysis and polls show that VMRO-DPMNE is at the historically lowest level of popularity according to public opinion polls. This was not the case during the time of Ljubco Georgievski, nor during the rule of Nikola Gruevski.

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