It's not about sons: Here's who will inherit Tina Turner's $250 million

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The music diva has amassed a huge fortune over the course of her career, estimated at approx $ 250 million. Hello writes that Tina Turner settled the matter of her estate years before her death, and that she left most, if not all, of her money to her husband Erwin Bach (67).

The singer was married to the German music director and producer for 10 years. They got married in 2013 after more than 26 years of dating.

However, just three weeks after the wedding, Tina suffered a stroke. Later, Tina struggled with other health problems, including kidney disease. Erwin saved her life by donating his kidney in 2017.

Tina's first son, Craig Raymond Turner, died in July 2018. Last year, Tina's second son also died. Ronnie. She is survived by two sons from her first husband Ike Turner, Ike Jr и Michael, who she adopted after marrying Ike.

However, in 2018, Ike Jr. revealed that he hardly spoke to his mother 20 years.

"Tina raised me since I was two years old. She is the only mother I have ever known," he told The Daily Mail.

"But I haven't spoken to my mother in God knows how long – probably since 2000. I don't think my brother spoke to her for long either. My mother is living her life – she has a new husband and she is in Europe. He doesn't want anything to do with the past," he said then.

Speaking about his brother Michael, Ike Jr. said he is in a rehab facility in Southern California and needs medical attention.

"I have been to him several times. It's great for him. Tina does not visit him. All she does is that she steals his money," he added on that occasion.

Let's recall, the music icon Tina Turner died on 83 years old in his home in Zurich, Switzerland. A spokesperson for the singer revealed that she died of natural causes.

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