The law to extend passports until the end of the year did not pass

Voting in the Assembly on the amendments to the Law on travel documents

Today, the majority of MPs in the Parliament did not support the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE with amendments to the Law on Travel Documents to extend the term of passports with the old constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia until the end of this year, just as the term for driver's licenses was also extended. 46 MPs voted for the amendments, and 54 were against.

The proposal was explained by the coordinator of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Micevski, but there was no discussion, because yesterday SDSM declared that they would not give support. Their rationale is that it would be against the Constitution, which cannot change international agreements, such as the Prespa one.

- If you refer to Article 118 of the Constitution, it does not apply to the specific proposal of the law, for the reason that this law does not change the international agreement, but changes the Law on Travel Documents. The excuse that Article 118 is being violated does not hold, because it has already been violated with the passing of the amendments to the Traffic Safety Law, and on the other hand, this excuse does not have any legal logic and literacy - Micevski said.

Previously, the deputies from the Albanian opposition announced their support for the changes.

- Because this government showed that it was not up to the task and left a large number of citizens inside the country, but also outside, with big problems through no fault of theirs. We will contribute to any solution that is beneficial and in the interest of the citizens - said Izet Majiti from the "Worth" Coalition.

DUI did not provide support.

- We are in favor of respecting international agreements. We will bring our citizens into an even more unpleasant situation if we vote for such a thing for all political points - said Arber Ademi from DUI.

MP Antonijo Milososki announced after the law was not passed that SDSM, DUI and NSDP left 600.000 Macedonian citizens in the lurch, whose right to free movement was violated.

"For a large part of the citizens, their work permits abroad, documents for permanent residence, as well as treatment or education outside of Macedonia are threatened by this. We thank fellow MPs Bejjan Ilyaz, Miroslav Jovanović, Pavle Trajanov, Afrim Gashi, Fadil Zendeli, Izet Majiti, Safie Shaini, Merita Kodjadziku and Musa Ibraimi who voted "for" and put the needs of the citizens before the small-party calculations of the government. , Milososki wrote.

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