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Do not sit down! Macedonia is under attack by false humanitarians

Macedonia is under attack by fake humanitarians who use fake disease and poverty in the name of fictional characters to gain money illegally. Citizens who have recently discovered such extremely inhumane behavior, which is also a crime, no longer know who to trust and what to believe. Due to the frequent occurrence of false humanitarians, the sense of humanity of those who want to donate is gradually lost, allocating funds from their modest budget.

A certain Radica Dinev has been asking for humanitarian aid on behalf of the poor and sick for a long time. She urges people to donate to her transaction account, assuring them that the money will arrive at the right place. In the appeals for help, she explains that donating to her account is the only way to help because people who need help do not have their own account or receive social assistance, so if they receive an account inflow, it will be canceled.

This bait has been "caught" by many people for a long time, until it was recently discovered. Acibadem Sistina also helped in revealing her crime, who publicly announced that the child for whom the money was being collected is not being treated in the hospital.

- The Acibadem Sistina Clinical Hospital informs you that there is no hospitalized baby in the hospital who is allegedly fighting for his life, and whose mother is a certain Mimoza from Tetovo. In the case of social networks, a call for donations is spreading. This is a fake post.
We call on the citizens to be careful and not to succumb to such and similar calls. The announcement in which he calls for help is shared by a certain Radica Dinev, the hospital said in a statement.
Reaction from the private hospital Acibadem Sistina for the false announcement / Photo: Facebook

Her illegal and inhumane actions are confirmed by a large number of citizens who have donated and are disgusted that someone came up with such an idea, and there are those who are directly affected or deceived.

Citizens respond to appeals for help suspected of being true / Photo: Facebook

The Ministry of Interior is aware of such crimes, and they say that they are vigilantly following every step of the fraudsters. They confirm that they have information about other fraudsters against whom criminal charges have already been filed.

- OVR Prilep filed criminal charges against BD (47) from Prilep, due to a well-founded suspicion of having committed a crime "fraud". The applicant, with the intention to acquire illegal property gain, in the period from 2015 to the end of 2020, falsely presenting himself as an authorized representative of an association from Prilep, although he had the authority to manage the assets of the association in addition to the authorized person GK from Prilep, as a legal representative of the association, on behalf of the association prepared and personally submitted "requests for donations" to various legal entities, public companies and individuals. As an authorized person on the account of the association, in the stated period he withdrew all donated funds and used them for personal purposes. In addition, in some of the requests for donations, instead of the account of the association, he stated the transaction account of his wife and in this way, in addition to the already mentioned funds, illegally acquired funds that flowed to the account of his wife on the basis of donations. , informs the Ministry of Interior.

The editorial office of "Free Press" is a witness that these are not isolated cases, when a few months ago funds were collected for a sick baby of our colleague. People without any morality created fake profiles on social networks and shared the call for help, which risked a large amount of funds needed to be redirected to a fake account.

Experts say that the best and safest way is to donate to the telephone numbers of mobile operators, because in order to obtain approval for telephone donation, it is necessary to submit medical reports that are sufficient evidence of the condition of the family or the patient.

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