Why can't you get rid of belly fat? There are even 12 reasons!

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Beer stomach can at least arise from consuming beer. Calories and sugars are also found in other forms, and due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition, they accumulate in the form of fat in the stomach and intestines. There are 12 reasons why it is difficult to get rid of such fats.

1. Poor diet
The diet based on white flour and bad fats is a recipe for fat deposits in the abdomen. Therefore, a diet rich in vegetables and quality foods should replace foods high in fat and red meat.
Sources of healthier fats are found in fish, nuts and avocados, and by reducing the carbohydrates found in cereals, pasta and sugar, it should help fight belly fat.

2. Too large portions
Reduce portions of food, which is extremely important for "belly fat", which can cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and lead to high blood pressure.

3. Smoking
In addition to being bad for your health, studies have shown that smoking also leads to the formation of fat.

4. Stress
Stress produces the hormone cortisol, which with the flow through the body stores fat in the abdomen. Exercise, meditation and yoga help reduce stress. The development of a good support system also helps in the fight against stress, and it is a great solution to consult a mental health expert.

5. Insufficient exercise
Men with a waist circumference of 100 centimeters, and women with a waist circumference of over 80 centimeters, need some form of exercise, such as walking, for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. A more intense form of training is enough for 75 minutes a week with more intense exercises at least twice.

6. Wrong exercises
Weight training will help you build muscle, and more muscle building will mean more processed calories. The fastest result will be aerobic exercise.

7. Calories from alcohol
Although the belief that big stomachs are the result of drinking beer is well-established, belly fat also results from other alcoholic beverages. Whole alcohol contains calories that lead to the accumulation of fat, especially if alcohol consumption is combined with poor diet and lack of exercise.

8. Juices
Consumption of juices consequently includes consumption of large amounts of sugar and calories. All this leads to weight gain that can accumulate in the abdomen.

9. Do not drink water
Drinking water improves weight loss, and thus the loss of belly fat. In addition, water is the only drink that offers hydration without additional sugars.

10. Genes
Although genetics also play a role in weight distribution, the right combination of calorie intake and weight loss is a recipe for maintaining a healthy line, even though the genetic picture claims otherwise.

11. Lack of sleep
Sleep deprivation stimulates stress hormones that lead to the accumulation of fat instead of processing it. For better sleep you need to spend as much time as possible without a cell phone and without a laptop, adhere to a bedtime schedule, avoid alcohol at bedtime and exercise.

12. Obsession with the scales

The obsession with weighing scales will not help you lose weight. It is possible that the fat has been processed in the muscles so that the volume of your waist is reduced, and the scales continue to show the same number of kilograms.

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