He Couldn't Get Over Her: James Dean's Tragic Love Story

James Dean and Pierre Angeli
James Dean and Pierre Angeli / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

James Dean, one of the most famous Hollywood actors of all time, died on this day in 1955. He was a real favorite of women and a famous seducer, but he lost the greatest love of his life and never managed to get over it, writes "Style".

James Dean was born in the small town of Marion in the American state of Indiana on February 8, 1931. From his earliest childhood, he was very attached to his mother Mildred Wilson, whom he claimed was the only one who understood him. When his mother died suddenly of cancer when he was only nine years old, his life changed completely. His father sent him to live with his uncle and aunt, an action that completely destroyed their relationship.

James Dean in 1955 / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

His biographers claim that he found solace in his association with the priest James Deward, which reportedly ignited his love for fast cars.

While studying law in California, Dean discovered the love of acting that would later make him a movie legend.

A bad boy with a soft heart. He often changed his mood and very easily transformed from a quiet and shy guy to a funny comedian who entertained everyone.

James Dean in 1955 / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

However, his studies encouraged him to play the "cool guy who rarely smiles in public, never takes a cigarette out of his mouth and breaks hearts wherever he goes with his motorbike or sports car" card.

Thanks to his magnetic appeal and incredible charisma, he managed to turn even the most ordinary pieces of clothing, such as blue jeans and a white t-shirt, into a fashion trend that is still copied today. James Dean undoubtedly had "that something" that attracted people, regardless of their gender. They did not resist him either Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford и Judy Garland. But he couldn't get over just one – Pierre Angeli.

Pierre Angeli and James Dean / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

Italian actress Pier Angeli and James Dean were not in a relationship for long, and there were several reasons for their breakup. Her mother disapproved of Dean's non-Catholic lifestyle, fast cars and way of dressing. Also, people from the film studio he worked with tried to dissuade him from marrying Angeli.

Dean himself admitted to the young actress that he was not yet ready for marriage, and shortly after their breakup, Angeli got engaged to the singer. Vic Damon, whom she married in 1954. Dean was left shocked and heartbroken.

James Dean and Pierre Angeli / Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett / Profimedia

Because he was in disbelief and had to make sure it was all true, on the day of the wedding Dean showed up outside the church on his motorcycle.

Fourteen years after their relationship ended, Pierre Angeli described what that romance looked like:

"We would go to the California coast together and stay there, as far away from prying eyes as possible. We spent most of our time on the beach, sitting, having fun, just like the students. We talked about ourselves and our problems, about movies and acting, about life and life after death. We understood each other completely. We were like Romeo and Juliet, together and inseparable. Sometimes on the beach we loved each other so much that we just wanted to go into the sea together holding hands, knowing that then we would be together forever."

James Dean had a five-year career in Hollywood and starred in three major films - "East of Eden", "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Giant". Huge fame and a successful career were predicted for him, but a month before the premiere of "Rebel Without a Cause", the 24-year-old actor died in a car accident.

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