We cannot treat Bulgarians as privileged in the Constitution, says Professor Škarić

The Professor of Constitutional Law, Svetomir риkariќ, in tonight's "Top Topic" on "Thelma" said that the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution is a sensitive topic, for which a dialogue is conducted in a bad atmosphere, which is not suitable for constitutional changes.

"Probably the other side wants us to not be able to fulfill that condition so that they can keep us in a starting position. Now the question is whether Macedonia will have the virtue and mind to realize that and make such a step that will open the way to accession negotiations" - said Škarić.

The professor says that it is quite clear to him that the attitude of the current Bulgarian leadership towards Macedonia is unacceptable for us, but he adds that now it is necessary to think and see how the Government will elaborate on that issue.

"When the first draft of the constitutional amendments appears, we will see if that issue, as it is posed, can have negative consequences on other provisions in the Constitution. At this stage, one should still think, see the proposal and then open a new debate. In any case, the treatment of Bulgarians cannot be privileged over other minority communities. If there are 3500-3600 as registered in the census, their presence in the state structure will be adequate. They cannot get any other privilege," Skaric said.

Regarding his possible participation in the process of preparation of the constitutional amendments, Škarić stated that he can give his contribution regardless of whether he will be a member of that group, at every stage of the procedure and as a participant in the process of public debate.

"Then the issue of legal technique will be opened, how to regulate that issue. If new minority communities should enter the preamble, the question will be raised, how to incorporate them into the preamble. It will not be easy, because our preamble has already been changed several times. With these new changes, it will probably be impossible to incorporate these proposals in the preamble in this form, but we will see what solution the proposer will offer" - pointed out Škarić.

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