"They didn't put handcuffs on me": Tea Tairović spoke out after her arrest in Sweden

Tea Tairovi.
Tea Tairović / Photo: Instagram/Tea Tairović

The singer Thea Tairovic on Saturday she performed in Sweden, where she created a great atmosphere with her performance, but soon the party was interrupted.

As Serbian exclusively learns "Telegraph", the singer was detained by the police, and now a recording of her performance has appeared where it happened.

Namely, the video clearly shows that the singer wears the same dress and has the same hairstyle, which can also be seen in the photos published in the media.


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The manager of the famous singer made a statement in Serbian "Telegraph" and explained what happened.

"The police came last night for a regular inspection. They asked for contracts, not only from her but also from Stoja and Devitt. She showed the contract and the police thanked her, they had no reason to detain her. Tonight he is performing at a private celebration in Sofia, Bulgaria," Bridges told the Telegraph.


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After the media reports, the singer herself announced herself on the Instagram social network.

"I did what I do every weekend - I sang. I finished the performance and went to the airport. I am currently in Sofia. As for the disputed photos of me allegedly being handcuffed, let me just say that I was standing with my hands behind my back. I do this very often, because my back hurts, and security was in front of me, which is also normal. "If I had handcuffs, I wouldn't even be able to sing tonight or talk to you now," Thea explained on Instagram.

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