It does not matter if you are a star: Actor fired from a hotel in Venice over a Covid certificate

Photo Profimedia

Hollywood actor John Malkovich has been denied access to a hotel in Venice, Italy because his certificate has expired.

The famous actor faced an awkward situation due to the expired "green confirmation", ie "Super Green Pass", which is proof of vaccination against coronavirus or infected covid-19, according to Italian media.

Italian media write that the 68-year-old actor was denied access to the room in the famous hotel "Danieli", where the production booked him a very luxurious apartment, overlooking San Marco.

Local newspapers reported that because of this decision, Malkovich he had to spend two days in Venice in a rented apartment, and this was confirmed by the Italian news agency ANSA.

John Malkovich is filming the "Ripley" series in the Italian city, and the hotel did not want to comment on this event.

Recall, in Italy at the moment a law is in force according to which access to hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as public transport, requires a covid-certificate obtained either after full vaccination or if the person has contracted coronavirus in the previous six months.


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