Fan riots in which he "played" firearms overshadowed Vasoski's debut on the Sarajevo bench

"Horde of Evil" - Sarajevo Fans / photo: EPA / FEHIM DEMIR

The friendly match between Ljubuski and Sarajevo for whom Aleksandar Vasoski made his debut on the bench, there was a "third half" in which the main role was played by the fans. As it says "", At least six fans have been detained.

The riots took place in the area of ​​two cantons, West Herzegovina and Herzegovina-Neretva canton, and the police from both cantons intervened.
About a hundred Sarajevo fans arrived in Ljubuski to support their team, and at half time they found out that someone was damaging their cars.

They immediately left the stadium and had a physical fight with the fans of Zrinski from Mostar who damaged their cars, write the media in BiH.
At one point, gunshots were heard during the fight. Someone allegedly fired into the air to calm the situation.

But the riots continued later in Mostar where several vehicles were damaged and at least one person was injured and taken to hospital.

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