Manchester United fans at war with owners, call for boycott of Liverpool derby

Manchester United fans demand the departure of the club's owners, the American Glazer family/photo: EPA-EFE/PETER POWELL

Manchester United fans, even after the defeat in the first round of the Premier League against Brighton at Old Trafford, started calling for a boycott that should start next week.

This is a continuation of the United fans' war against the club's owners, the American Glazer family, and now they want to start a boycott of home games. They are ready to start the boycott with the biggest English derby, Manchester United - Liverpool.

The fan group "1958" also announced protests before the big English derby, they will organize a march to the stadium where they should arrive half an hour before the team arrives. They staged protests last season before matches with Brighton and Norwich.

- For the match with Liverpool, we are planning a protest for those who want to join us. In support of those going to the game and those not going, we want to show how much the owners have lost touch with the fans. All ideas are welcome, we invite anyone who has plans to contact us to give them help, advice. We are all on the same page and that is the most important thing. This is a war, not an ordinary battle. Be prepared. The fish stinks from the head - announced the fan group "1958".

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