Naumoski from Vitaminka: The price of cooking oil reduced by 40 denars

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The price of cooking oil has been reduced by 40 denars, and the price of repromaterials has remained the same, noted the general executive director of "Vitaminka", Sašo Naumoski, during today's visit of the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to the "Brilliant" factory in Shtip, which is part of from the "Vitaminka" group.

- The price has dropped by almost 40 denars and we are trying to further reduce the price and bring it, if possible, to the prices of three years ago. The price mostly depends on our product from the raw material, says Naumoski.

He noted that they did not compete for cheaper electricity from December 1 because they have installed photovoltaic power plants, and the production of electricity from them reduces the production costs of the final product by 30 percent.

While Prime Minister Kovacevski was asked about the benefits for installing photovoltaic power plants, he pointed out that the Government has completely changed the legal regulations. But it is decided that their attitude is that photovoltaic power plants should not be placed on first and second class agricultural land.

-Regarding the larger power plants, a change has also been made in the regulation and the procedures have been accelerated here. However, I want to point out something very important. We cannot allow first class land, second class land to be used for photovoltaics. The regulation will apply to fourth, fifth, sixth class land to be used for power generation, but first and second class land should be used for agricultural production, because food is as important as it is energy is also important and for this reason the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and other departments are in constant communication, says Kovacevski.

The Prime Minister added that if for some companies there is a standstill for the installation of photovoltaic power plants, then as he says, it is probably a matter of transformation of first and second class land, which he believes should not be done.

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