Scientists have discovered why some people are afraid of clowns

Photo: Unsplash

Are you afraid of clowns? You are not alone. Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, is a well-known phenomenon. Studies have shown that adults and children from many cultures around the world have this fear. However, this phobia has not been explained until now.

A new survey on the subject showed that over half of people were afraid of clowns to some degree, and 5 percent were very afraid of them. It was also discovered that women are more often afraid of clowns than men, he writes "Science alert".

When it comes to the reasons for this fear, a large part of the respondents stated that they are afraid of clowns because of their appearance, which does not resemble humans.

Photo: Unsplash

People are also afraid of clowns because of exaggerated facial features, makeup that hides facial emotions behind a mask, associating makeup color with death, and unpredictable behavior. Some of the respondents indicated that they are afraid of clowns because a family member has the same fear, clowns are negatively portrayed in popular culture, or they had a scary experience with a clown.

According to the researchers' conclusions, the hidden emotions in the face of clowns are the strongest factor for the appearance of fear of them. In other words, people cannot see the clown's expressions because of the makeup and therefore cannot understand his intention.

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