A teacher from Serbia made a robot "Helga", which can work as a professor

Informatics and computer science teacher Milkica Zlatic from Ivanjica, Serbia, made an automated technological innovation - the "Helga" robot.

In that endeavor, she was helped by the students for whom, as Milkica says, this was an incredible experience.

"Helga" works with the help of artificial intelligence and can participate in teaching, more precisely to be a professor. Helga works with the help of commands.

Teacher Zlatic worked on the robot for six months and took care of every detail.

- The "Helga" robot is a project that I am extremely proud of. It took a lot of work and effort, we stayed 13 hours in school, more than six months, to be done properly. "Helga" is controlled by remote controls, using artificial intelligence and artificial senses with the help of the interface - said Milkica Zlatic for RINA.

Initially, Helga was planned to be an independent teacher in order to make the lectures and learning of the children more interesting. Milkica Zlatic continues to create new codes and additionally program "Helga" to perfect her invention to the maximum.

- During the epidemic and online teaching, it was necessary to somehow animate the students to be careful. I held several classes related to informatics and computer science with the help of Helga because she can speak and sing and answer any of your questions. Reacts when you touch certain sensors. It works with the help of artificial intelligence that is not commercial and was bought in China - says the innovative teacher from Ivanjica.



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