The people hit more on saving than on taking loans

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The growth of household deposits in January compared to last January was 7,8 percent, while the growth of loans was 6,9 percent.

In January, the total deposits held by households were 7,8 percent higher than a year ago, while loans increased by a smaller percentage, which amounted to 6,9 percent, according to data from the National Bank.

Thus, in January, the people had 5,64 billion euros in their accounts, while the loans they have in banks and savings banks weigh 3,73 billion euros.

The structure of loans is usual, with the largest participation of consumer loans, but what is noticeable and rare, we have a monthly decline of these loans of 1,1 percent. However, if these loans are measured with those in January 2023, they are of a larger amount by 5,9 percent and in January of this year they amounted to 1,94 billion euros.

Housing loans amounted to 1,36 billion euros and the amount was higher on an annual basis by 10,5 percent, and on a monthly basis by 0,3 percent.

Car loans had the greatest growth. For new cars, the amount owed by the population through banks is almost 6,4 million euros and it is 12,6 percent higher than a year ago, and 0,3 percent higher compared to December 2023.

At the monthly level, however, the biggest jump is in negative balances on current accounts. In January compared to December, they increased by 11,6 percent, but it must be taken into account that in previous months there were significant reductions in this type of lending. However, even those reductions did not lead to an annual decline, but on the contrary, negative balances increased by 3,3 percent in one year. The people owe 108,5 million euros for the negative balance of current accounts, which were mostly paid in the red.

Households are reaching out less for credit cards. Lending in this way decreased by 5,1% in one year, and by 1,3% in one month. On credit cards, the population owes 157,3 million euros.

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