The Ombudsman warns: 9.000 denars were charged for a quick loan of 75.752 denars?!

Photo: Santeri Viinamäki / Wikimedia

The late repayment of a quick loan cost one of our fellow citizens 8 times more than the amount of the loan itself. This is one of the examples by which insufficiently precise legislation plunges citizens into huge debts and often into debt slavery, the ombudsman pointed out. Nasser Ziberi at today's presentation of the 2022 Report.

Ziberi explained that it is a quick loan, for which no interest is really charged as in the advertisements. As we could see before the New Year holidays, there were ads like this "Now you have the opportunity to take a loan of up to 9.000 denars with zero interest". But for late payment, the "teaser" was in the "delay fee", a category that is not specified in the law, nor are the citizens who will apply for this type of credit informed about it.

- In order for the public to have an idea of ​​what I am fighting for, I will illustrate with an example. Received a loan of 9.000 denars, for the delay in its payment, as in the advertisements, no interest is charged, but huge costs are charged. Thus, for the specific example, 2.026 denars have been charged in the name of due compensation, as much as 58.846 denars for compensation for delay, so when the amount for the sent reminder 5.900 denars is added to this, the debt reaches the amount of 75.772 denars, which is an amount 8 times greater from the debt - said the ombudsman.

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