Create a potion that cures 'the world's oldest disease'

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Gout is often called the oldest disease in the world – the existence of this form of arthritis has been recorded since the time of ancient Egypt.

Gout is an inflammation of the joints accompanied by attacks of severe pain, redness and swelling caused by the deposition of urinary crystals.

Uric acid is produced during the breakdown of purines, and is usually excreted from the body through urine. However, if the body produces an increased amount of uric acid or, on the other hand, if the kidneys do not expel it from the body properly, then its crystallization can occur, which, in turn, causes a painful condition.

The resulting sharp crystals are deposited in the joints, mostly in the feet, i.e. is. the region of the thumb causes her severe pain.

Today there are medications that treat this unpleasant condition, and for those who are more inclined to natural alternatives, we bring you a recipe for a four-ingredient potion that will successfully fight against gout. Celery and ginger relieve inflammatory processes, while cucumber will deal with crystals.

Ingredients for Gout Potion:

1. A handful of celery stalks (the green part between the roots and the leaves)
2. A piece of fresh ginger (from 2 to 3 cm in size)
3. Half a medium-sized fresh cucumber
4. Juice of half a lemon as desired


Finely chop the celery, ginger and cucumbers, put them in a blender and mix well. Finally, add the juice of half a lemon. Drink the potion immediately because it is best when it is fresh.


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