Make this original burek from the bakery and the whole family will be grateful

Photo: Profimedia

If you want to surprise the family as a top craftsman, prepare a burek from which the whole house will smell.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, homemade burek is an association for a juicy and delicious specialty that is adored by all generations.

Ingredients for burek according to the original recipe:

- 500 g pie crusts

- 300 g of cheese

- 250 ml of water

- 125 ml of oil


Mix the water with the oil, and grind the cheese with a fork.

Place two crusts on a greased baking tray so that the ends cross the edges of the pan.

Spray the crusts with the mixture of water and oil, then add two more crusts, which you also need to spray.

Put the third crust and arrange some of the cheese over it.

Continue in this order, with two sprinkled crusts, then the third cheese. So, on every sixth crust you will put cheese, and on the rest only oil and water.

Arrange until the crusts are used up. Finally, sprinkle a little oil. Wrap the burek with the crusts that have crossed the edges of the pan.

Pour the rest of the oil and water over the burek.

Bake at 180 degrees for about 1 hour, until the crusts turn golden yellow.


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