Attacks on Russian refineries could disrupt global oil markets

photo: Reuters

The International Energy Agency "IEA" supported the position of the United States that attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian oil refineries could disrupt the global markets for oil products, reports Ukrinform.

About 500.000 to 600.000 barrels per day of the country's crude oil refining capacity could be shut down this quarter on a gross basis, before the same amounts are made up, the IEA said in its monthly report.

Shutting down these refineries or units for four to eight weeks for repairs "could mean a significant loss" of exports of Russian petroleum products, the Agency believes, and international markets that rely on Russian exports of diesel, oil and aircraft would face problems. fuel.

The IEA effectively echoed a statement by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who warned that Ukrainian attacks "could have a knock-on effect" on the global energy market.

So far, the decline in oil refinery output has been much smaller.

IEA data showed that official weekly data for Russian refineries through the end of March matched crude production volumes of 5,0 to 5,2 million barrels per day.

Russian refiners processed an average of 5,25 million barrels per day in the first three days of April.

Bloomberg calculations based on historical data show that despite a rebound since mid-March, daily refining output remains well below the 5,78 million barrels of crude processed in the first few days of last April.

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