Instead of new plates on the vehicles, it is possible to put stickers with "NMK", announced Spasovski

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, announced that it is possible to adopt a solution for vehicle registration plates that will not represent a financial burden on citizens.

As Spasovski stated in the weekly interview on Radio Free Europe instead of paying from 1.400 to 1.500 denars for new license plates on which instead of the mark "MK" (Macedonia - Macedonia) there is the mark "NMK" (North Macedonia - Severna Macedonia), it is possible that this fee will be omitted and a solution will be found only with stickers.

This obligation stems from the Prespa Agreement, but there is an ongoing debate about how it will be implemented, after the large number of reactions that the renewal would cost the citizens a total of 11 million euros.

"We have already established a working group in the Ministry of the Interior that works on this aspect because we also talked with the Minister of Transport and Communications, we have communication through MTPS with 'Makamtrans' because the change also implies a change in the documentation, permits, etc. and for me it is the most important thing that can help everyone. We know that the obligation is to change the plates as well as the documents by next year, and I think that in a very short time we will have a solution that would be favorable for the citizens. I at least hope so and expect that, on the other hand, norms of strict punishments will have to be imposed for all those who will not respect that as a solution. We must make a combination that will be in the interest of the citizens, but also have a serious responsibility. So, stickers are one of the options, but when the decision and the solution are made, we will announce them to the citizens. Of course, the most important thing for us is that the citizens are satisfied," said Spasovski.

The Ministry of the Interior announced a month ago that vehicle owners should submit a request to change the license plates, which means issuing a new traffic license. The price of the traffic license is 200 denars, and the price of the registration plates is from 1.200 to 1.300 denars, depending on the shape of the registration plate. The law stipulates a fine of 100 euros if a vehicle is in traffic with different license plates than prescribed.

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